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7 Best Video Calling App In 2020.

If you are in search of the best video calling app in 2020, then you have landed on the right page because it is very important to stay connected with families, friends, and relatives. In today’s time of technology, it is very easy to get connect with them. And we all know that video calling is the best way to connect because through a video we can see the faces, feel the emotions and expressions.

There are several video calling app available in the market but in this article, we have listed some Most Popular and best video calling app which is free, secure, very simple to use, and etc.


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Now, Let’s get started.

List Of Best Video Calling App:-

1.) Zoom

Zoom Video Calling App.

Zoom is one of the most popular and best video calling app. Zoom is an American communications technology company whose headquarter is in San Jose, California. You can use it macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. Zoom is the very first choice of any online businessman to do like online meetings, online webinars and etc. It has a very clear cut and user-friendly interface there are no irritating kinds of stuff.

Zoom supports HD video calling and very clear audio for the users and participants. This is my favorite feature that during video calling peoples can share their screens simultaneously. According to Google Play Store, there are more than 100,000,000 + Installs of the Zoom video calling app.

Some Features To Choose Zoom:-

  • Zoom has Robust security which is one of the most powerful security.
  • You can record your video conferencing meeting on your PC just with a single click.
  • If you go with a paid plan you can host more than 100 participants.
  • If you fund an issue you will get awesome instant supports.

Zoom is free, but if you want to choose the paid one then here is the pricing.

$ 14.99 / Per Month / Host:- If you billed For Monthly.

$ 12.49 / Per Month / Host:- If you billed for Annual.


2.) Google Duo

best video calling App.

Google Duo is one of the most simple and best option for daily users of video calling. Basically it is an app that works on phone numbers, it means to do video call you have to first save that guy’s number on your phone then you will able to video chat. Google Duo supports high-quality video calling and most important it is secure from start to end. You can use it in both iOS and Android, it is a cross-platform app.

If you are searching for such an app that you can use in daily video calling like with relatives, friends, family, and etc then Google Duo will be the perfect option for you. Goggle Duo supports great video and audio quality for users. You can create a group of almost 12 + members of friends and families to do group video calling. According to Google play store, Google Duo has more than 1 B+ downloads along with a rating of 4.5 Stars and has 5M reviews.

Some Features To Choose Google Duo:-

  • It can be used in very less data.
  • If anybody irritating you by video calls, to stop it you simply have to Block that person’s phone number.
  • This app is very user friendly and easy to use.
  • Google Duo is absolutely free of cost.
  • In this app, you can drop a note, video, and audio message to your friends.


3.) Skype

best video calling app.

Skype is one of the most popular communication platforms which provides video calls and voice calls. You can use Skype in all devices like Phone, Desktop, Tablet, Web, and etc. One of the best features of Skype is the communication ability. You can make group audio call up to 25 peoples, do video call with up to 10 peoples, and you can create a group of almost 600 peoples which is amazing.

Skype also offers language translation features to users. You can translate your voice and messages in various languages. According to Google Play Store, Skype has more than 1B+ downloads along with a rating of 4.3 Stars of rating and has 11M+ reviews.

Some Features To Choose Skype:-

  • Through Skype, you can also call the one who is not on Skype from anywhere at a very low rate.
  • You can send SMS, video, and voice messages to friends and family members who are in other countries.
  • It is also highly secure with end-to-end encryption.
  • In Skype, you can send animated emoticons and short video clips to express your feelings to your loved ones.
  • Mobile users can directly send their locations with an in-built map through Skype.


4.) IMO

best video calling app.

IMO is one of the most commonly used and free video calling app. It is a free voice and video calling app, especially for android phones. Besides video calling in IMO, there are some interesting features like you can watch live streams and you can share your status updates. This is is very simple and beginner-friendly you can easily make an unlimited HD video calling to your friends, relatives, and anyone by one click.

According to Google Play Store IMO has 500M + downloads with 4.2 stars of ratings and along with more than 6 M of reviews.

Some Features To Choose IMO:-

  • You can send Emoji’s, Stickers and etc.
  • IMO give users to send unlimited messages on the internet.
  • You can share videos, files, music and etc



5.) Viber

best video calling app.

Viber is a Japanese multinational company. It is an app that allows free normal calls, video calls, send pictures, text to your other Viber users. Viber is a cross-platform communication software, you can use it on Android, Windows, iOS, Microsoft, and macOS which is free to download. To get access with Viber is very simple you need a phone number, Viber will send verification PIN on that number to activate. Now after activation, Viber will automatically fetch your contact list to make video calls.

The most interesting feature of Viber is that you can choose games and download now you can play with users or alone. According to Google Play Store, Viber has 500M + downloads with 4.3 stars of ratings and along with more than 13 M reviews.

Some Features To Choose Viber:-

  • You can quickly send your voice and recorded a video message.
  • Free Group chats with up to 200 members.
  • Viber takes full security of users.


6.) Line

best video calling app.

Line video calling app is Free and it is popular for instant messaging. You can use Line app on any devices like Mobile phones, Tablets, Computers, and any other. Line enjoy users to use it at very low data usage while connection. If you want to add someone you can easily add them by using “Shake it” which works on QR code or line ID.

Line is one of the most widely used video calling app in the world. According to Google Play Store Line has 500M + downloads with 4.1 stars of rating and along with more thanĀ  12M reviews.

Some Reasons To Choose Line:-

  • You can send text, photos, stickers, and many more to express your selves.
  • You can share your location with your friends through-line.
  • You can make a 5 minutes video call to anybody around the world.


7.) Google Meet

best video calling app.

Google Meets is a Free video calling software which is developed by Google. This app is cross-platform and flexible you can use it on the phone, Laptops, iOS, and any other devices. It can support one-on-one, and group video calling. You can use Google Meet in almost every type of business. Meet hardware makes reliable easy-to-join video conference meetings. You can use it by Google Account.

Google Meet offers HD group video calling with up to 100 peoples for almost 60 minutes. According to Google Play Store, Google Meet has 50M + downloads with 3.7 stars of rating and along with 170K reviews. Google Meets also supports premium versions that start from $6.00 Per Month.

Some Reasons To Choose Google Meets:-

  • An in-built online calendar that is specially designed for teams.
  • Meet reduces the background noise and echoes to deliver the best sound.
  • Video meeting is encrypted in transit for better safety.
  • You can easily share your files, video, documents, and more.
  • Google Meet for G Suite supports live streaming events with up to 100,000 peoples.



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