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8 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions For 2020

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Are you in a search of some best Google chrome extension, then you have reached the right place?

As we know Google chrome is the most popular web browser in the world. There are many Google Chrome extension available in the chrome store, to customize your browser in countless ways, which help you to work more efficiently and increase your productivity. In this article, you will get some best Free Google chrome extension, by using them defiantly your browsing experience will become awesome.

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The Best Google Chrome Extension For 2020 Are:-


1.) HTTPS Everywhere

https everywhere

In  2020  Browsing the internet might be risky for the users. HTTPS  Everywhere is a  free and open-source browser Google chrome extension for  Mozilla  Firefox, Opera, and Google chrome which produces a  part of a collaboration between the  Tor  Project and  Electric frontier foundation.

You know that  “HTTPS”  is a website protocol that erasure that this site is secure before visiting it. This simple chrome extension will automatically switch many websites from  “HTTP”  to  “HTTPS”  which means it’s encrypted,  and more secure for you.


2.)  The  Camelizer

8 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions For 2020 1 8 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions For 2020

The  Camelizer is a  price history tracking chrome extension. The  functionality in the web browser.

The working of this chrome extension is very simple. Suppose, you have selected a  product on  Amazon, now just click on the installed camelizer extension icon and you will get the pricing free chart history of that selected product on the screen. You can see that when the price was high and when the price was low.

The best part about this extension is that you can set a  pricing notification (alarm)  to get notified on your  E-Mail address when it reaches your desire price.


3.)  Noisli

8 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions For 2020 2 8 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions For 2020

Noisli is one of my favorite chrome extension from this list, with this extension you can set your own  personal music background during your browsing works.

Sometimes at the working time we need some light background music to be focused on the work, This extension will help to create a sound environment that helps to reduce stress and again to be focused.


4.)  Stay  Focused

8 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions For 2020 3 8 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions For 2020

Stay  Focused is the best chrome extension for the teenagers, it will increase your productivity by limiting the amount of time that you spend on wasting website.

If you think that you spend more than  5  to  6  hours on wasting your website, and want to reduce it then this extension is the best option for you. You can set a  timer on that website on which you want to reduce the time.

Suppose, You set a  time of  30  min on  Facebook, 30  min on  Instagram, and  30  min on  Twitter. Now once you completed the allotted time, that site will automatically get blocked for you. If you think to go back and change the setting, hah it will not work for the whole day, you have to complete the given challenge.


5.)  Save  To  Pocket

8 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions For 2020 4 8 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions For 2020

Save  To  Pocket is a  chrome extension which means I will read it later on. If you found something interesting and piece during your research or everyday struggling on the browser you can save it into the pocket.

You can save anything whatever you want like images, links, web pages, and many more, then automatically syncs the result across all your devices. The best part about this extension is that it will suggest other content which is related to save one which takes your fancy.

This  Pocket extension becomes a  personal, quiet space on the internet where you can enjoy your quality time with stories and all that. There is one benefit of this extension for the  US   users, they can see the trending pocket topics by using new tabs extension.


6.)  Mercury  Reader

8 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions For 2020 5 8 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions For 2020

Mercury  Reader extension helps you to instantly remove and clearing away the clutter from a  website and help us to read an article in an easy form way.

Suppose, you opened a  News website like  Economic Time, at the time you enter the  Website you will see lots of ads and distractions over there, now this extension will help you to remove all these distracting elements from that site, only the text, images, and the videos will appear to you.

You can also get a  feature to customize the size of the text and changed the theme  (light or dark mode ).


7.)  Weave  Highlighter

weava highlighter

Weave  Highlighter extension is the best highlighting tool, by which you can highlight the lines of a  page of an article.

In our daily browsing life, we found many interesting lines or important paragraphs which is very useful for us or for our projects. So,  in this way whenever we found something like this we can easily highlight them and write it in the copy or paste it to WordPad.


8.)  Last Pass

8 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions For 2020 6 8 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions For 20208 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions For 2020 7 8 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions For 2020

Last  Pass is a  free password manager, which saves your all multiple account password and give you secure access from every computer and mobile devices. Basically it is an auto-filling password manager.

It will help you to save your time and reduces the headache of managing multiple accounts and passwords.

You have to remember only one password which is the master password of last pass extension and it will take care of almost everything else it owns.


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