How To Buy Godaddy Domain Name.

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Welcome to Technicalconnexion today we will talk about GoDaddy Domain that how to buy GoDaddy Domain. Are you wanting to start your own website or blog, then the very first step is to buy a Domain Name for your blog. A domain name should be relatable to your Niche / Topic and it will be better to choose a domain name short in size because short things are easy to memorable.

There are many companies that offer domain names for websites but, I will recommend you to go with GoDaddy because it is one of the cheapest and most popular Domain registered companies in 2021. So, if you have decided to do it but don’t know how to buy GoDaddy domain name then read this full post carefully I have written how to buy GoDaddy domain name in just 6 steps.

How To Buy GoDaddy Domain Name in 7 Steps.

Without wasting any more time let’s get started with our topic How to buy GoDaddy Domain Name.

Step (i) Official Website

In the first step, you have to visit GoDaddy’s official website. Let me make your job easy, I have given the link you only have to click on that. when you click on that it will show you interface something like this as I have given below photo, it is the homepage of GoDaddy. 

Now, there is a bar on which is written Find your perfect domain in that box you have to write your domain name for your website and then click on Search Domain. It will search whether the domain you entered is available or not.

How To Buy Godaddy Domain


Step (ii) Domain Name is available or not.

When it checks the availability if available then it’s good but if not available then try another domain name. Not available means that someone has already bought the domain you entered. When it’s available then simply click on Add to Cart option. For example:- I have taken a domain name tech440area.

 how to buy godaddy domain


Step (iii) Choose Domain Duration.

Now, here you guys have to pay a little attention in this step you have to choose the time duration for your domain name. By default, it is selected for 2 Years but you can change it to 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, and 10 years the more duration you make, the more discount you will get at a price, but I will recommend you to choose 1 year or 2 years. Now after selecting the time duration just click on the Continue to Cart button.

 how to buy godaddy domain

Step (iv) Sub Total.

Now after clicking on Continue to cart this interface will appear in this you will be shown your subtotal for your domain name. You will get an option Full Domain Privacy & Protection guys this is very important for your website’s domain name this will protect your website from wrong things. I will recommend you to please add it is not that much costly. Now after adding click on Continue to Checkout.

 how to buy godaddy domain


Step (v) Create an Account.

After that checkout, this interface will appear in which you have to create a GoDaddy account. You can create it by using the Facebook account, Google account, or else you can create it by Username this is up to you.

 how to buy godaddy domain


Step (iv) Payment Time.

Now, the time for Payment for your domain name. There are many options available for payment like Credit Cards, Net Banking, Debit Cards, Wallets. You can go through whatever convenience you like all these are secure.

 how to buy godaddy domain


Final Words.

So, guys, I hope you have read the Post (How To Buy GoDaddy Domain) completely. Above I have mentioned How you can buy GoDaddy Domain name step-by-step. Now, I think I have cleared all your thoughts related to buying a Domain name.

At last, I want to tell you only one thing that if you found anything wrong or mistake in this post then, please message or comment us the problem, we will take action on that as soon as possible. And one more thing don’t forget to share this post with your friends because

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