How To Recharge Airtel Online.

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Once again all of you are welcome in Technicalconnexion today we will talk about a very simple topic which is named how to recharge airtel online. You people must be using Airtel sim but you have to go out of the house again and again to recharge and now time is not going to go out of the house because of Corona Virus.

So that’s why you should use online, but the problem is that many of you do not know how to recharge online, so I have solved it and made a great post for you, on How To Recharge Airtel Online, pay attention and well Will read

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How To Recharge Airtel Online.

There are two ways to recharge in Airtel, the first way is from which is the official website of Airtel and the second way is to use Airtel Thanks App which is the official app of Airtel. We will learn about both the methods one by one, how we can recharge by sitting at home using these methods.

(1) With The Help of Airtel App.

Let us first know that How To Recharge Airtel Online from the Airtel Thanks app. You do not have to do much in this, just follow some steps, first, you have to download or install Airtel Thanks App from Google Play Store.

Step (i) After downloading, you will have to register in that app with your airtel number, after doing everything, when you open your airtel app, you will see something as we have given below photo, this is your home page, in this, you will get the details of your plans. Will show details such as Daily Data Left, Validity, and Unlimited Calls. From this, you can recharge everything like bills, TV, and many more, so come on, to recharge your mobile, you have to click on Recharge Now.

How To Recharge Airtel Online

Step(ii) As soon as you click on Recharge Now, you will see the plans, you just have to choose your plan and click on it. In this you will get Unlimited, Smart Recharge, Data, Talktime, and International Roaming all types of recharge options, you can do any.

 how to recharge airtel online

Step(iii) This is the last step, now it is the turn to make payment, in this also you will get all types of payment options such as Paytm, Debit / Credit Card, Amazon Pay, UPI, and Net Banking are also available, which you can do. Your recharge will be done as soon as you make the payment.

 how to recharge airtel online

(2) How to Recharge with

So friends, now we will know how to recharge from the official website of Airtel. There are some steps to recharge from which I have written below, so follow them carefully and carefully.

Step(i) To recharge from Airtel’s website, you have to first click on this link, this link is the official website link of Airtel company. In this, you get the option to recharge everything from Airtel such as Prepaid SIM, Postpaid SIM, DTH, Broadband, and Bill Pay, you can do everything. So let’s go where we were to recharge the mobile, so just in that you will see the option below Enter Mobile Number, in this, you have to enter your airtel sim number and click on Recharge option.

 how to recharge airtel online

Step(ii) Now you just have to enter the amount, you can do as much recharge as you want under enter Amount. If you do not know how much is recharged, then you click on the Brows plan next to it, Airtel will show you how much is recharged and which recharge will last for how many days, you just have to see it and select it.

how to recharge airtel online

Step (iii) Look here, you will see something like this when you click on Browse Plan, then it is clearly written Price, how much GB net will be available every day and for how many days you have to choose the plan just by looking at this.

 how to recharge airtel online

Step(iv) Just this is the last step, in this, you have to make payment. Once you have selected the plan, this page will open in which you have to make the payment. There are many options to make payment in it such as Card Payment, Net Banking, and Paytm Wallet, you can pay with whatever you use. Your recharge will be completed as soon as you make the payment. So this was how to do it from an online website.

 how to recharge airtel online

Conclusion | Final Words.

So, friends, I hope you must have read this post “How To Recharge Airtel Online” completely. I hope you have found it good and informative and understand everything because we always explain to your users in simple and point-to-point language. So now your problem with How To Recharge Airtel Online will be gone.

So today we have learned that How To Recharge Airtel Online from the website and also from the Airtel Thanks app, if you find any problem anywhere in this post, then you can feel free to tell us through message or comment. In the end, I would say that if you liked this post, then do not forget to share it with your friends.

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