How To Reset Laptop.

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Once again welcome to Technicalconnexion, today we will talk about How to Reset Laptop in few steps that too in Windows 8. Don’t you know how to Reset Laptop? Sometimes it happens that our laptop or computer does not work properly, I mean either it will be very slow or it will lag completely, which causes a lot of problem in working in the laptop, that’s why we reset the computer or laptop.

A proper factory reset can solve many problems with your laptop, such as laptop performance and strange errors, and can make your laptop look brand new. I would say that you should factory reset your laptop or computer. Before doing one thing, I will say that whatever necessary files or folders are there in your laptop, you first put them in a memory card or hard disk, after that it will be better.

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How To Reset Laptop in Just a Few Steps.

Step(i) Windows Button.

The very first step is that you have to click on the Windows button of your laptop.

 how to reset laptop

Step (ii) SearchBar.

As soon as you click on the windows button, it will open in front of you as I have given in the photo below, after that you will have to click on the search bar option above.

 how to reset laptop

Step(iii) PC Settings.

Now by going to that search bar, you will have to write Settings, as soon as you type, many options will come in front of you, but you have to click on the top option PC Settings.

 how to reset laptop

Step (iv) Update and Recovery.

As soon as you click on PC Setting, it will open in front of you, you will get many options in it, but you have to click on the last option Update and Recovery.

 how to reset laptop

Step (v) Recovery.

Now it will open in front of you where you will get three options but you have to click on the last option Recovery.

 how to reset laptop

Step (vi) Get Started.

As soon as you click on Recovery, it will open in front of you, in which you will get three options. Let me understand your three options one by one, what all three are saying.

  • The first one is saying that if your laptop is not working well, is hanging, then you can click on the first option Get Started. It will refresh and reset your laptop, that too clearly written without moving any photos, videos, music, and personal files here and there.
  • The second option is saying that if you want to reset your laptop completely, then click on the second option. In this, everything on your laptop will be deleted, that too forever.
  • The third option is Advance Option, it is better if you do not do anything.

how to reset laptop



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