What Is SEO and How It Works In 2021.

So, you finally decided to learn what is SEO and how it works? Search Engine Optimization is very important for any online business to get success.

Did you know? According to one survey, only WordPress users alone publish more than 2 million posts every day. Now, imagine the competition level which is increasing day-by-day at a very high speed so it is very difficult to beat the competitors.

In this article, you will get to know about what is SEO and how it works and many more topics related to SEO like On-Page SEO, Of-Page SEO, and many more.

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Now, Let’s get started.

What Is SEO?

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process of increasing or boosting the rank of your website or web pages in Google search results. If you want to gain or increase the traffic on your blog then you have to do SEO works. Optimization makes your site more visible to the users who are looking for the information that you have provided in your blog or website.


How SEO Works?

We have given the diagram overview for a better understanding of how SEO works?


What is SEO.


Why SEO Is Important For Blog/Website?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is important for the website in many ways but we have discussed only the important one.

Here are some reasons why SEO is important for blog or website:-

  • SEO will increase organic traffic:- It is very important to drive organic traffic from Google and with the help of Search Engine Optimization you will get more traffic and more conversion on the website. Now, that means if you want to increase traffic then SEO plays a very vital role.
  • Better User Experience:- SEO is not only about the organic traffic you can improve the user experience and visibility of your site. Optimization helps, you to make your site user-friendly, neat, and clean in design which will impress the visitors.
  • SEO helps in Social Promotion:- Suppose any users found your site in the search result like Google or Yahoo if he/she found your information useful then they can share your site with other people also that’s how SEO helps in Social Promotion.
  • Beat Competitors:- Suppose you and another website have shared the same product or information than in this case most Optimized sites will be ranked on Google.


How Many Types Of SEO:-

There are two types of SEO (i) On-Page SEO (ii) Off-Page SEO, to get organic traffic and rank your website you need to understand both very well we have provided enough knowledge about these topics.


* On-Page SEO:-

On-Page SEO (also called “on-site SEO”) is a process to optimize your posts and pages to rank higher in the search results. On-Page SEO is something you do with the visible parts of your site to improve ranking and these parts include things like site structure, content, and speed of the site and etc.

Here are some factors to improve On-Page SEO, which help you to rank your website or blog.

1.) Title Tag

 what is seo and how it works.

Title Tag is the most important part of SEO. Make sure that your title tag should be good and attractive that whenever any visitor reads your title, they click it as soon as possible. Catchy and Attractive title increase the CTR of your site and it will increase the ranking of your blog.

How to write SEO optimized title tag?

  • It must contain your focus keyword.
  • Try to write numbers in your title tag it will be more attractive.
  • It should not more than 65 words.
  • It will be more catchy if you use special characters in your title tag like { }, [ ], ( ), |, and many more. Don’t use all use, anyone.


2.) Post-URL.

 what is seo and how it works.

Use short post URL it will be more beneficial for ranking.

Some characteristics to write SEO friendly URL:-

  • It should not more than 6o words.
  • It must contain the focus keyword.
  • In URL use Hyphens it will be a better option for you.
  • Don’t use capital letters in Post URL.


3.) Meta Descriptions.

 what is seo and how it works.

Like Title-Tag meta description also plays a very important role. The Meta Description is a short paragraph, that provides a brief summary of that web page to the users. Your meta description should be awesome which helps visitors to understand what this post is about. Good Meta Description will attract more users to your site.

Some Characteristics to write a good meta description.

  • Your Meta Descriptions should not be more than 150-160 words.
  • Make sure to use the focus keyword in the meta description.
  • Don’t write the duplicate meta description.


4.) Speed Of Your Site.

 what is seo and how it works.

The speed of your site plays a very important role in increasing traffic or in SEO factors. Suppose any user comes to your site and the loading time of your site low, then, in this case, the user will go back to Google and search for other results. This will increase your website bounce rate and will also decrease your Google Ranking, So make sure that your blog or website load fast.

According to the research of one survey, it was found that visitor waits for at most 3 to 4 seconds to load the page. After 4th sec they go back and look for other results. In my case, my website’s fully Loaded Time is 1.7 sec which is amazing.

Some ideas to increase the speed of your site:-

  • Use optimized photos in your blogs.
  • Use plugins like W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache plugins to clear all your page or post cache.
  • Don’t use so many plugins in your site it will decrease your speed.
  • Use fast, Attractive, and lightweight theme. I will recommend you to use generate press.

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5.) Navigation Of Your Site.

Website Navigating is also known as “Internal Link” within your website that connects your pages or posts to each other. It helps users to go from one page to another page of your site. Your website navigating should be mobile and user friendly, users should get any type of difficulty using your site.


6.) Linking.

Linking is a very important factor in On-page SEO. It is very helpful to increase Google ranking. There are two types of links. We have given an overview of that.

  • 1.) Outbound links:- You have to add at least one outbound link in your article. Outbound link it is also known as an external link basically, it is a link given by you which refers user from your website to another different website to get more pieces of information. It will be better for you to link with those website having the same niche as your blog and most important try to link up with those domains which are trusted and have good domain authority.
  • 2.) Internal links:- An internal link is any link from one page of your blog to another page of your blog. Suppose you published an article now in that article, there is a word in which you have done an internal linking, So if any user will click on that word then the user will redirect from that page to another page of your website. Internal linking decreases your bounce rate which helps you to rank faster on Google search results.


7.) Alt Tag.

 what is seo and how it works.

An Alt Tag is also called “Alt Text” which is known as an alternative description. Basically, Alt Tag is used to describing the image or what image is all about. It will be beneficial for us to use images in our blog or website with an alt tag. Always use the focus keyword while writing an alt tag. Here are some best tips and examples to make your site navigation user friendly from Wix.com.


8.) Content.

I have divided the content into three parts for better clarification:-

  • Unique Content:- Content is the king. Unique content it means, your article should be original and not duplicated from other website or anywhere else. Unique content plays a very important factor in search ranking because Google algorithms highly rate original content and penalize duplicate content. The better your content, the better valuation your site will get so focus on original content and one more thing try to write an article at least 1000 words, it will be beneficial for you.
  • Heading:- Headings also play an important role in SEO. In the article make sure that you use headings like H2, H3 and etc because headings give good impressions on the users. Most important you have to use the focus keyword in headings. You guys can leave H1 because your Title is already in H1.
  • Focus Keyword:- Before writing an article you have to do keyword research. If you are writing an article without doing keyword research then it means “Shooting in the dark”. Make the keyword and important words bold in your article. If you are searching for the free keyword research tool then I will recommend you to go with ubersuggest or Google Keyword Planner.


* Off-Page SEO:-

Off-Page SEO is something that is related to the backside of your website, it doesn’t happen directly on your site. Basically, it is work that you do on the backside of your site or blog to generate traffic or increasing ranking. Of-Page SEO includes works like Link building, Social Media, Guest Posts, and Search Engine Submission.


1.) Link Building

Link Building is one of the most popular and highly effective way of Of-Page SEO. Link building is a process of building links for your site or promoting your blog/site to the other website with the help of a hyperlink (known as a backlink). If you get backlinks for your site it will increase the visibility of your site.

2.) Social Media

You can generate tons of traffic through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Linkedin, and etc. You only have to create attractive pages of your site in these social media platforms, now increase your followers and traffic through social media your income will also automatically increases. Many bloggers generate almost millions of traffic through Social Media. You can also add your social media profile in your blog so that if any user comes to your site and get impressed they can follow you on social media.

3.) Guest Post

Guest Post is also known as “Guest Posting” is a way of writing and contributing high-quality post for another website(related to your niche).

Some Benefits Of Guest Posting:- 

  • It will help you to increase the Domain Authority and Page Authority of your site which is very important to rank quickly.
  • Through guest posting, you will get Do-follow for your site which helps you to drive high-quality traffic from that website to your site.
  • It will improve your online influences.


What Are SEO Tools?

There are many free SEO tools available in the market but we will list only a few of them:-

(1) Google Analytics

(2) Google Search Console

(3) MozBar


(5) Google Keyword Planner

(6) Answer The Public

(7) Semrush


Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO

Black hat SEO refers to those website owners who want to rank their sites on the top of the search results by going against the “terms and conditions” of Google.

Basically, it is a type of shortcut or hacks using to rank in the search engine by exploiting the Google Algorithms.

White Hat SEO refers to those website owners who rank their websites after following all the “terms and conditions” of Google.

Basically, it is a practice that improves your Google ranking on search results without breaking the rules of Google Algorithms.



I hope this article helps you to understand what is SEO and how it works. If you found there any doubts, mistakes, or any irrelevant parts in this article then you comment me below I will take action on that as soon as possible.

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