What is YouTube Shorts? | Will this be the new Tiktok of India in 2021?

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Welcome once again in Technicalconnexion, today we will talk about a feature of youtube called youtube shorts. We will know what is YouTube shorts and how we can use it. You must know what is YouTube and in today’s time YouTube is changing the lives of so many people. A few months ago, YouTube launched a feature called YouTube Shorts, in which we can create and share short videos.

We all know that there is a craze of short videos at this time, like people in cricket like t20, in the same way people are leaning towards short videos in the video right now. Tiktok has a big role in making people inclined towards short videos and today companies like Facebook, Google are giving value to short videos. Facebook also launched Reels some time ago and now YouTube has also launched YouTube Shorts.

So let’s know about it without wasting time.


What is YouTube Shorts?

YouTube shorts is a short video making and sharing feature by which creators can upload videos of 15 sec or less. Many people were depressed after the Tiktok ban in India, so Google solved this problem and the YouTube shorts feature came out, in which you will get everything similar to Tiktok.

Now YouTubers can share by making a catchy and short video with the help of their smartphone. Now if we talk about the features, then in this you will get all the features which are found in other short video sharing apps such as music (music track from 100000), multiple video segmentation, and video speed control, which will be used by creators music. You can record a video with it and edit it accordingly.

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How To Create YouTube Shorts.

Step (i) First of all, you have to download the YouTube app in your smartphone, if the download is there then it is a good thing if it is not then click on it. Android | iOS

Step (ii) Now you have to open your YouTube app and sign in to it. As soon as you sign in, a Plus option will come below, you just have to click on it.

 youtube shorts


Step (iii) As soon as you click on that plus you will get three options Upload a Video, Create a Short, and Go Live. By clicking on Upload a Video, you can upload a video and by clicking on Go Live, you can make a live video, but if you want to make shorts, then you have to click on the second option Create a shorts.

 youtube shorts


Step (iv) As soon as you click on it, it will open in front of you in which you will see 4 to 5 options. (i) Flip: – By clicking on it, you can turn the camera front and rear. (ii) Speed: – By clicking on it, you can increase or decrease the speed of the video. (iii) Timer:- You can set the timer by clicking on it.

To make a video, you just have to click on the red button and your video making will start.

 youtube shorts


Step (v) You will again get three options as soon as your video is created. (i) Music: – By clicking on this you can add music to your video (ii) Text: – By clicking on this you can add your own. (iii) Timeline:- By clicking this, you can also use the function of Timeline. After doing everything, you have to click on Next.

 youtube shorts



Step (vi) Just this is your last step, again you will get two or three options in front of you, in which you have to enter the title of your video, then select the audience, after doing everything you have to click on the upload button above.

 youtube shorts


Conclusion | Final Words.

So, friends, I hope that you must have read this post (YouTube Shorts) completely. So hopefully now you must have understood that Whtat is YouTube Shorts and How To Use it and how will it not come, we have explained it so well and step by step. It has always been our endeavor to give complete details and correct information to our users so that they can have confidence in the technical connection.

So friends, if you find any mistake and problem anywhere in this post, then you can feel free to tell us by message or comment, we will take action as soon as possible. Now what to say, in the end, I will say that if you find this post What is YouTube Shorts a bit informative and important, then do not forget to share it on your social media.

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